Hello, fabulous!

I’m me. You’re you. And this is where you get to know all about me.


I am a Handmaiden of the Goddess; a wild witchy Sufi mystic mermaid. I’m an intrepid photographer, a wily wordsmith, a deep-sea diver of the soul. I’m disabled and adventurous, always up to shenanigans!

I’m an HSP. I’m an Enneagram self-pres 4 with a 5 wing. I’m a Pisces/Aries cusp, which makes me emotional and firey. I’m a Myers-Briggs INFP with a side of WTF. I’m fattastic, queer, a geek, a mother, a wife. I’m in the Queen phase of life – totally over Maiden, a Mother with an empty nest, too young for Crone, and too damn awesome to take anyone else’s bullshit anymore.

Mermaid Kyeli



The person you are about to meet is


to your complacency.

She will shake you up and nothing will ever be the same again.

Proceed with caution. Results may very. Befriend at your own risk. Unlimited rice pudding. Et cetera et cetera.

Sometimes I feel like I should have this warning label tattooed on my face, except that it’s a lot of words and would probably take up my entire face, which would make it hard to read it anyway. You’d miss words when my eyes were open, and heavens help us all when I’m eating… Or else it’d be so tiny you’d have to get way too close to me to read it, which would end up being really awkward for us both. And besides, I rather like my face how it is. But there you have it. I come with a warning label, and you’ve been warned.

So. Welcome. This is where things get deep, so cozy on up!

As I said, I’m an Enneagram 4, which means I like to know myself in all my parts – and I love to feel seen. This is a good point at which to take a big ol’ breath, here at the surface. Now come along with me…

:: I’m obsessed with selfies! I take a gazillion photos a week, approximately half of them of myself. My selfie practice is a major part of my spiritual practice – it brings me home to myself, helps me stay real and stay focused on what I need. Selfies saved my life after the accident; even on days when I suffered high pain and low emotions, I could snap a selfie and look into my own face, and remind myself that being alive is worth the effort.

:: I write poetry and microfiction and short stories and even the occasional book. I journal sporadically. I love blank notebooks and I love writing in notebooks.

:: I read voraciously. My very favorite books in all the lands are the Fairyland series by Catherynne M. Valente; they may be written on paper, but they’re tattooed on my heart. Second only to September and her madcap adventures lies Tiffany Aching and the Wee Free Men series by Sir Pratchett, which is a misdirect, as my favorite character therein is Granny Weatherwax. I’m also Harry Potter fangirl (of course), and I’ll read anything Neil Gaiman writes (except Sandman, ugh). I hanker for heist stories and I’m mad for mysteries. It could be said that I am a buff.

:: I love sushi so much it actually makes me squee out loud, and red velvet cupcakes are almost – almost! – as good as sex. (Okay, not really. But they are delish!)

:: I rock out in fantastic stripy socks and stripy dresses and stripy whatever-I-can-gets. Not all at the same time, though. Usually.

:: I believe in faeries. And dragons. And magic. And gnomes. And you.

:: I’m a singer. Which might come part and parcel with being a mermaid…

:: I’m a gamer. I’m especially into point-and-click adventure video games, my favorite ever being The Longest Journey. I’ve played a ridiculous lot of them – possibly even most – at this point. It’s an obsession.

:: I am smashed-in-love with my incredible wife, Pace. We’ve been together for over a decade (omg!), and every day I thank the Goddess for our amazing relationship. Our relationship is built on a foundation of communication; we’ve done so much, we literally wrote the book on it!

:: Pace and I have been slomads for the past few years: slowly moving in a nomadic fashion across the US. We started out in Austin TX, then lived in an RV and traveled across the southeast and up the eastern seaboard, we went west and lived in Portland OR for two years, and in mid-2015 we moved back east to the Hudson Valley in New York for a year. Weary of moving, we’re settling down in Lansing, Michigan (long story) for the foreseeable future.

:: We have a newly-minted adult son, who is still the light of my life (I know, right?!), but who has become extremely adept at dodging the camera.

:: I am owned by a black cat named Phineas Nix – who features heavily in my photography, being far less adept at avoision.

:: In January of 2014, I was hit by a car while walking through a crosswalk. It left me severely disabled, using a cane and a wheelchair to get around, and dealing with crippling depression. Over the past few years, I have come a long way with physical and emotional healing – and plan to go even further!

:: My word for 2016 is EPIC, and I am focusing on my Epic Healing Treasure Hunt.

Kyeli and the Magdalene Tree


Imagine that we’re in a wee little boat, on a wide expanse of water. The water is calm, lapping gently at the side of the boat, and we’re snuggled under a blanket with a hot drink as the sun sets among the trees that line the shore. The stars come out, one at a time, and we’re looking up at them, counting them one by one, whispering secrets.

Scene set. This is me, whispering secrets to you under a sky full of stars as we rock gently in our little wooden boat:

I am always a writer, but I haven’t always written.

I am always a photographer, but I went decades without so much as touching a camera.

I am always a witch, but I’ve come and gone from my path.

I have two children; my bright shining son in this world, my little girl lost in the next.

In 2015, I fell into depression so dark I nearly didn’t make it out. I needed help to come back to myself.

I work hard at self-love, recovering from years of self-hatred.

Sharing secrets loosens their power over us; giving them voice gives them a way out of our hearts, freeing us from their clutches. These secrets are part of me, little shimmery lights that line the path to my heart.

I am a work-in-progress, under construction, exploring myself and my world and the world. Swimming in the Love, remembering our deepest work – to connect to each other and the Great Oneness of all.