So far, I’ve written two books.
The first one, The Usual Error: Why We Don’t Understand Each Other and 34 Ways to Make it Better, was co-written by my lovely wife Pace. It’s non-fiction. It’s about communication in relationships of all sorts: why we don’t listen even though we think we do, why we fight, why we feel misunderstood, and what the usual error itself is – and, of course, how to make it all awesome. I’m kind of super in love with this work, y’all.

The second one, Time & Again tells the story of Saffron, a woman as lost in herself as she ends up lost in time, on a journey to find her way. It’s super ridonkulously awesome with a big twist, based on a dream I had several years ago. I am mega-proud of this novel!

Currently in the works:
* Nonfiction: a how-to manual for helping people with disabilities.
* Fiction: a heist series for the teen girl audience, set in a magical world. Because heists! And magic!