{poem} Monster

There’s a monster lurking
dogging my steps
hanging about
wearing my dress and
when I look in the mirror
that’s who I see;
the monster is here,
the monster is me.

No one else is as cruel,
no one’s as mean,
no one as cold or
nasty or seems to
hate me as much as
I often do,
this monster is in me
(and also in you).

The cure is to love
to look in the face
that monster within
to breathe deep and brace
yourself as you look and
then further go,
the monster within you
must finally know

that you love yourself,
in all of your parts,
all of the light and
even the dark,
and when that is true,
when full gaze is met,
the monster will leave and
be no more a threat.

:: I am proud and delighted that Monster has been featured in Heather Plett’s ebook, A Path to Connection! ::